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Armpit Detox Kit (10 detoxes)
Armpit Detox Kit (10 detoxes)

Armpit Detox Kit (10 detoxes)

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Do you feel that your armpits get stinky too often or did you just start using a natural deodorant and you feel it's making you stinky? Or maybe you get a rash when using a natural deodorant with baking soda?
It is probably because you need to do an armpit detox.

Read all about our armpit detox here.

Don't want buy the full-size ingredients mentioned in the post? Then you've come to the right place because we have prepared for you the exact quantity you need.

This armpit detox kit comes with enough ingredients for 10 detoxes. 

Kit includes:

  • Bentonite Clay pre-measured and packed in individual bags (10 bags total)
  • USDA Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in a small bottle
  • Plastic Spoon to mix ingredients
  • Detox tracking sheet with instructions

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Armpit Detox Kit (10 detoxes)