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Easy Instant Pot Recipes e-book
Easy Instant Pot Recipes e-book

Easy Instant Pot Recipes e-book

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You will receive an updated version every time we add a new recipe, and we will keep adding more recipes!


As a busy mom of two, I'm always looking for recipes that are easy to make and that my family will love.

I am not a chef (nor intend to be one) but I have come to love the Instant Pot because it makes my life so much easier. In just a few minutes I can have an entire meal ready. I can even have serve chicken, from freezer to plate in 20 minutes. 

​But the best part is that my family loves these meals, so not only can I prepare food fast but it's always tasty!

The Instant Pot has been a lifesaver and now I want to share with you my favorite recipes so you can make them for your own family.

In this e-book you will find a printable version of each recipe that's on the Mama Instincts​ blog - currently, a total of 8 recipes. I will update this book as I add more recipes to the blog and each time I add a new recipe you will receive an updated version of this e-book.

I hope you enjoy these meals as much as my family does!

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Easy Instant Pot Recipes e-book